ACHSSA Town Hall

Don’t forget that today is our Town Hall!! Everyone should come out, meet the executive, join a volunteering committee and voice any questions and concerns they may have. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm 

Place: Art Building W-220

The First 2012-2013 Wine and Cheese Event

The AHCSSA is very excited to announce our first Wine and Cheese Event of the 2012-2013 school year. We are all really looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know the department’s professors better. 

The Details are: 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Arts Building West Wing

Feel free to bring your friends, whether they are a member of the department or not. We also welcome any and all first years who are yet to pick a major. 

See you all on Thursday!!


As you most likely already know, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has gone through a large renovation over the past year, moving their Canadian art collections from the main building into the church across the road.

AHCSSA will be checking out the newly organized Canadian Art collections on Saturday December 10th at 3pm! We’ll also be heading to the Hotel de la Montagne bar for drinks afterwards. The first round of drinks will be on us!

We hope to see you all there!


WHAT: “Russian Ark,” a lovely feature film made in a single take.—TDEHizVA

WHEN: November 24th, 6pm.

WHERE: Arts W-215

WHO: AHCSSA members, friends of members, and anyone else who would care to partake. Professor Duclos will be giving a short introduction to the film.

Also, there will be popcorn!
…who doesn’t love popcorn?!

Post-B.A. Workshop November 16th


On Wednesday November 16th, the Art History and Communications department will be hosting a post-degree planning session. Jan Bottomer, the Music and Arts career adviser from CaPS, along with our own Prof. Hilsdale, will be discussing options for graduating students such as internships, graduate school and careers. Yeah, you heard right - CAREERS. It will be held in W-220, next to the main lecture hall, from 9:30-11:30.

I know I’ll be there - will you? 

AHCSSA Roundtable on the MUNACA Strike

Hi everyone,

Got questions, comments or ideas relating to the current strike by MUNACA employees? Come out to the AHCSSA Roundtable on Thursday November 3rd at 5:30pm in W-215. There will be information, discussion, and snacks! See you there.

Break out your navy blazer, we’re going to Boston!

Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art

McGill International Student Network (MISN) is hosting a trip to Boston next weekend (November 4th-6th)! You don’t have to be an international student to tag along. $200 gets you round-trip transportation, accommodation for two nights, two breakfasts and a stop at the Ben & Jerry’s factory! I’m drooling already. Check out the Facebook event for more info. It’s a great opportunity to check out some of Boston’s museums, like the Museum of Fine Art and the Institute of Contemporary Art.


AHCSSA goes to Ottawa!

Hi Everyone! To all who came out to Thursday’s meet & greet - you rock.

We’ve been getting a fair amount of interest in our trip to Ottawa this coming Friday, so don’t forget to email us if you’re interested!

Some particulars:

The bus will be leaving Friday October 21st at 8am, and returning around 7:30. It’s $20 for your round-trip bus ticket (sweet deal), but your admission to, say, the National Gallery is on you.

Email us at if you’d like to tag along!

Louise Bourgeois - Maman


Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the first 2011-12 General Meeting will be taking place TOMORROW. September 21st, 5:30pm, in W-220. Please take some time out of your busy lives to come out, meet the exec (we love you), discuss ideas for the upcoming year and delay the inevitable evening study session.


Wine and Cheese Tonight!

Tonight - Tuesday, April 5th at 5:30 pm - we are holding the end of the year wine and cheese. We will be launching this year’s edition of Canvas (which looks awesome!). Please come by as we will be announcing next year’s executive at that time, and you can also pick up your very own copy of Canvas!